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WSET qualifications are globally recognised. As WSET Approved Programme Providers, our courses are open to industry professionals and enthusiasts who are either just starting or already on their wine and spirits odyssey.

WSE tutors are all WSET Certified Educators, graduates of the coveted WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines and Spirits and experienced corporate trainers.  Mixing a myriad of learning styles and modern training techniques, our aim is to create a fun, friendly and safe environment for our students to learn whilst making all aspects of each course easy to understand, absorb, embed and retain.

Each year WSET celebrates the achievements of exceptional students from across the globe with a number of prizes and awards presented at an awards ceremony in London. Annually 1000s sit WSET examinations so, we are delighted and proud that numerous of our students have triumphed and received recognition and awards/prizes for their outstanding marks.

Numerous of our students have received awards/prizes at WSET’s annual awards ceremonies in London

For food & wine pairing (refresher) training are  included in all wine classroom courses

WSET courses are now wine or spirits specific. Syllabuses centre around the theoretical knowledge of wines and spirits from around the world including how they are made, their style, base materials, legislation, labelling, storage and so on.  Additionally students have to develop their systematic approach to tasting technique.

There are 4 levels i.e. Level 1 is introductory, Level 2 intermediate, Level 3 advanced and Level 4 is a qualification requirement (one of very few) to enter the Master of Wine program. With each rising level, the breadth and depth of content expands and becomes much more challenging. There is more intensity and focus on tasting technique and an ever-increasing requirement to demonstrate greater comprehension, competency and application of knowledge and understanding.  

Interested in developing your own or perhaps your staff’s wine and/or spirits knowledge and skills?  If yes and you fancy attending, great it’s really easy.  You can book and pay directly on-line or off-line, whichever suits best. The choice is yours!  If you’d like to know a bit more about the courses or would like to enquire about arranging an in-house course, either select and click on the one that interests you to learn more and/or to book now; or complete the form below; or call us on 01904 778830.  We’re more than happy to help.

Our aim is to make all aspects of the courses easy to understand & absorb

Wine Courses

Classroom Courses:

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Online Courses:

Spirits Courses

Classroom Courses:

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Online Courses:


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As part of ALL our classroom wine courses, we teach you the basic principles of food and wine pairing!  We have chefs prepare ‘FRESH FAYRE’ to complement the wines of the day so that our students truly learn first hand. Click here to learn more.

ALL included in the wine course fee!

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