FOOD AND WINEEVERY lecture day, we provide a really lovely lunch for you to enjoy!

The Level 1 Award in Wines covers the most about food and wine matching yet you don’t need to have completed it before attending the Level 2 Award in Wines and Services. Also, sometimes there are ‘give’ questions in Level 3 exams too, so we find it an excellent way to (re) cover this important aspect and element.

EVERY lunch is freshly prepared and specific to the wines of the day.  We make sure that each dish has different levels of acidity, umami (savoury), sweetness and spice etc so you really experience and learn first hand the impact food has on wine!!  It’s really interesting and fun. We promise you that some of the combinations will be sublime, whilst others intentionally not!!

All included in the course fee!

What’s brilliant and into the bargain? Not only is it ALL included in the course fee, it also provides you with a bit of sustenance to offset all the wines (and spirits) you’ll be trying each lecture day.

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