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About our luxury wine games

Our luxury wine games have been created by Gillian, our very own wine expert.  As an experienced trainer, DipWSET holder and Certified Wine Educator, she has used her wealth of learning and development experience, as well as her trademark logic and inimitable characteristics, to produce these stunning high quality wine games.  Totally focused on embedding knowledge in a fun, relaxed and entertaining way, these games have proved invaluable in aiding people to develop their wine knowledge.

“I get it that folk are getting much more discerning about the wine they drink, but also that it can be a real challenge when faced with lots and lots of wines in the aisles of the supermarkets, wine merchants, on-line retailers or wherever you buy your wine from” says Gillian. “You want to try something new, perhaps push the boat out, but you’re faced with so many options.  What’s the difference, which should you pick, where from, there are so many bottles with the same grape variety for you to choose between and so on.  Result? It’s safer just to buy what you always buy. ” If this sounds familiar then our games could revolutionise the way you select and shop for wine in the future!

Find yourself buying the same wines time & time again? Our wine games could revolutionise the way you select & shop for wine in the future!

gift-vouchersWithout compromise, every step of the way our mission has been to create a luxury and prestige product with a contemporary look, style and feel. We’ve paid very close attention to every detail and kept a focus on quality components and content. We’re delighted with the result and especially proud of our beautiful hand finished boxes with gold fluting and the fantastic game board. Everything is colour co-ordinated even down to the tissue and wrapping stickers!

We genuinely hope you enjoy playing them as much as we did creating them!

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fun & entertaining luxury wine board game

Are you a wine lover and fancy knowing a bit more about the wine styles, key grapes and wines from around the world? Then the world of wine game will be right up your street. It’s a fun and entertaining board game that’s been described as “Monopoly meets Trivia Pursuit but it’s all about wine!”

Novice and pros can play together and it’s perfect entertainment for dinner parties, holidays, Christmas, New Year and much much more.

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A great energy raising wine themed card game!

A seriously good fun wine card game that raises energy levels and entertain!  In your allotted time, using spoken words, gestures etc. provide clues so your team can  guess the words on as many cards as possible.    The more intrigued you are the more you will learn!

Just like the world of wine game, novice and pros can play wine charades together and it’s perfect entertainment for dinner parties, holidays, Christmas, New Year, Apès-ski and much much more.

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Watch this space.  Spirits versions launching later this year!!!!

Gift Wrapping Service

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Buying as a gift?  Great we can beautifully gift wrap our games so they’re all ready just to hand over! Only right to beautifully finish our gorgeous luxury products.

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