Additional Question Cards

Increase your learning and keep your world of wine game fresh with an Additional Question Card set
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Been playing your world of wine game lots? Want more question cards to continue the challenge or perhaps you have more in-depth wine knowledge already and fancy increasing the level of the content?

We’ve got a separate set of Additional Question Cards, which come in a matching and complimentary box as your world of wine game so they can sit perfectly side-by-side!

A full set of additional question cards in exactly the same format as your world of wine game

The main world of wine game has a more introductory and intermediate level of knowledge content, whereas these extra questions have more intermediate towards advanced. They have exactly the same appearance and topics so they can be neatly married with the other question cards in your world of wine game.  What’s great, even if you don’t have advanced knowledge it doesn’t matter as, once again, you have 3 options to choose from and ‘Nice to know’ information on every card. So, you are increasing and improving your learning with every question whilst keeping your world of wine game fresh!


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Please note that the Additional Question Card Sets are to accompany the world of wine game only.

Increase your learning & keep fresh your world of wine game with an Additional Question Card set

8 Topics are:

  • Old World
    • France, Italy, Spain/Portugal & Germany/Austria/Hungary
  • New World
    • The Americas, Australia/New Zealand/South Africa
  • General, Viticulture (grape growing) & Vinification (winemaking)
  • Fortified, Sparkling & Sweet Wines

Box Contents:

  • 320+ Question cards