World of Wine Game

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The world of wine game is a board game that has been created by an accredited Wine Educator for wine lovers. Pros and novices can play together and importantly the marking and game rules mean anyone can win!

With a nice blend of wine knowledge and wine trivia, it’s been described as “Monopoly meets Trivia Pursuit but it’s all about wine!” Pretty much like a ‘course in a box’, it’s fun and entertaining yet educational too so, you will learn loads, but in an easy, comfortable and fun format.

See About world of wine and How to Play? below.  

……think Monopoly meets Trivia Pursuit but it’s all about wine!


Jamie BroadbentAssistant General Manager

Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa , Bolton Abbey

“The experience (World of Wine Game training session) was enjoyed by all, many staff have said they particularly enjoyed being able to learn within an informal level with a multitude of differing staff levels that could then bounce off each other and develop their knowledge. The staff felt it was extremely engaged and an interactive way to learn…”

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About world of wine game

The world of wine game is a board game that novice or pros can play together. Ideally playing with 3 or more people, individually or in teams small or large, roll the dice and wherever you land you get asked a question from 1 of 8 topics (see below). There are 3 options, so no matter what the question is you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting it right! What points you earn is determined by how much wine knowledge you already have so a novice still stands a chance of winning!

A great way to learn more about wine styles, key grapes and wines from around the world”

Additionally there is lots of ‘Nice to know‘ info on the question card topic too. With a nice blend of wine knowledge and wine trivia, you can play for as long, or short, as you wish, and the person or team with the highest score wins! 

Before you start to play, you can pre-stack the cards e.g. to make the game more wine knowledge or wine trivia orientated or perhaps for particular grapes/wines etc.

Key to wine buying? Know where the right places are around the world for the grapes you like!”

8 topics including grape growing & winemaking, New World & Old World countries
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Our aim has been to create a board game to help you understand how grapes are grown and wine is made, and uncover where the important places are around the world for the key grape varieties.

Grapes are from a vine and, like any plant, flourish in the right conditions. They also have their own personality and style so you’ll uncover the characteristics about lots of grapes and hopefully understand why you like one grape over another or discover that you might actually like a grape if it’s produced in a different style! After playing the world of wine game, you may even consider trying some different grape varieties and wines now that you will know where the best regions are around the world for the grapes you’re looking for. The more you play the more knowledgeable you’ll get. It should revolutionise the way you select and shop for wine in the future!

Great value & costs less than a case of wine!

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Without compromise, every step of the way our mission has been to create a luxury and prestige product with a contemporary look, style and feel. We’ve paid very close attention to every detail and kept a focus on quality components and content. We’re delighted with the result and especially proud of our beautiful hand finished boxes with gold fluting and the fantastic game board. Everything is colour co-ordinated even down to the tissue and wrapping stickers!

How to play?

Throw the dice, move around the board & get asked questions on the topic you land on

You can play the world of wine game individually, ideally 3 or more people, or in teams, small or large.

Simple step by step how to play instructions & a score card to keep a track of those well earned points

There are 320+ Question Cards with questions on wine styles, key grapes & wines from around the world as well as some fun wine facts and trivia. Throw the dice and move around the board, wherever you land you’ll get a question on one of the 8 topics. Answer correctly to win points and the individual or team with the highest score wins. There are detailed ‘How to Play Instructions’ in the box.

8 Topics are:

  • Old World
    • France, Italy, Spain/Portugal, & Germany/Austria/Hungary
  • New World
    • The Americas, Australia/New Zealand/South Africa
  • General, Viticulture (grape growing) & Vinification (winemaking)
  • Fortified, Sparkling & Sweet Wines

In brief

  • Postage £4.50 or FREE o order values £50+ (UK only)

    For age 16+

  • Join in whether you’re a novice or pro!
  • Play, learn and develop your wine knowledge in a fun and entertaining way
  • The more you play, the better you get!!!   
  • Work individually or in teams
  • Throw the dice and move around the board
  • 8 topics with a total of 320 question cards
  • Wherever you land you’ll get asked a question on that topic
  • Answer correctly and earn points
  • Bonus points are up for grabs too 
  • One person too many? Great you’ve got an ideal Question and Score Master!
  • There’s hours and hours of content but you can play for as long or as short as you want!
  • Increase your learning & keep your world of wine game fresh with an Additional Question Card set

    Additional set of 320 Question Cards available to help increase your wine knowledge even further!!!

The individual or team with the highest cumulative score wins!

Who is it aimed at? 

The world of wine game is ideal for the wine enthusiast as well as the drinks and hospitality industry.  If you are in the hospitality trade, it’s a fabulous way to train and develop your new and existing staff. The world of wine game is also an awesome and complimentary reinforcement study tool if any of your staff are on wine courses or even studying for WSET exams. One thing guaranteed, your training days will never be the same again!  

In the trade?

This is an awesome reinforcement tool for your staff going on wine courses to really absorb and embed wine knowledge. Additionally, it’s geared for those not attending courses too as we understand it’s not always possible to fund everybody to go on wine courses, particularly newer members of your team. Everyone still needs to be up-skilled and knowledgeable about wine to enhance your customers experiences at your bars, restaurants, hotels etc so this game bridges that gap perfectly making the staff training and development arena fun.

Make your in-house training more specific and tailored to your own business.  Before you start to play, pre-stack the cards around your own cellar list or perhaps for particular grapes/wines etc.  This will help build your team’s knowledge and confidence of your own wines, new listings, food and wine matching etc.

your training days will never be the same

See our testimonials.

Box Contents:

  • 320+ Question cards
  • Folding game board
  • 6 Game pieces
  • 1 Dice
  • Instructions guide
  • Score pad

luxury & prestige product with contemporary look, style, feel & content, without compromise 

Warning: Small parts. Keep away from small children