Delicious blend of private wine tastings, cocktail events, gastronomic delights and much much more…..

Carefully crafted and innovative entertainment ideas for you, your family or clients to enjoy!

Paying attention to the small as well as the large details, we hold inspired open and bespoke events which are all brilliant and can be modelled on your special social occasion.

What we can do for you?

Wine School of Excellence can organise and plan the whole event for you so you can sit back and relax.  Typical things we can do for you:

● Find the location for you – UK or abroad
● Create and send out customised invites
● Provide wines and catering services
● Source music
● Theme the event
● And even blow out the candles for you!!


Masterclasses on-site & venues both in the UK & abroad

We run 1-day Masterclasses throughout the year. These tutored wine tastings, often with guest speakers or winemakers from around the world, are informal, informative and great fun.If you are interested in wine, either for work or pleasure, and want to learn more about the world of wine or perhaps a particular region, then these Masterclasses will be right up your street!

Typical Masterclass Workshops

  • Decipher Bordeaux
  • Burgundy Unravelled
  • Champagne v Sparkling Experience
  • Fabulous and Fortified
  • Spain Uncovered
  • Advancing Portugal
  • Cracking Italy
  • Embracing California
  • Ultimate fine Wine Tasting Experience
  • New World v Old World

Interested?  Feel free to contact us or just complete the form below.

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