Stunning Chateau we stayed at during our Champagne tour!
Stunning Château we stayed at during our Champagne tour!

Using our myriad of network and connections, we organise intimate personalised tours around some of the world’s greatest wine regions.  We make it our mission on EVERY trip to go that extra mile to ensure that our tours are truly well prepared to even the smallest minutiae.  We leave nothing to chance and genuinely want our guests to really enjoy their experience with us.

Each trip is bespoke in destination and budget, from harvest experiences getting down and dirty picking the grapes to top vineyard wine tastings.

In March we took a great group to the beautiful and historic wine region of Burgundy which was a phenomenal success blending exclusivity and excitement.  Fun and relaxed travelling in a truly luxurious barge around the plethora of vineyards, cellars and wine traders sampling some of the finest wines in the world.  We also enjoyed dining at some of the numerous top Michelin star restaurants.

Visiting and experiencing these exceptional places make the trips ideal for our course students and wine enthusiasts to advance their knowledge and appreciation of wine and spirits.

Well we’re just back from yet another trip! This time we stayed in an awesome chic Château whilst we toured the Champagne region with a fabulous group of ladies from York, Leeds and Harrogate.  Just up our street as we just love to organise fun and relaxed intimate personalised tours around some of the world’s greatest wine  regions and what’s not to like about Champagne!

Photo Gallery from our Previous Champagne Trips

Photo Gallery from our previous Paris/Burgundy Tours 

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Our Comfortable Trips are anything but basic.  Staying in comfortable accommodation, enjoying good food and wine, these trips, whilst more modest, are still special and include intimate personalised tours with your very own Tour Guide and top notch customer service.


Our Desirable Trips offer all the elements of our Comfortable ones yet we go that little bit extra.  Luxury options feature in our accommodation choices and dining destinations making our Desirable Trips pretty difficult to resist.


La ‘Pièce de résistance!!’ The ultimate and exclusive Enviable Trips are geared for small groups who wish to treat themselves to a more lavish and sumptuous

Features fabulous accommodation, own Tour Guide, private chefs providing sumptuous spreads, sampling the delights of local Michelin Star restaurants and much much more.  Our Enviable Trips are luxury personified and can offer individuality.



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