The World’s Most Expensive Cocktail!!

reka diamond cocktail 2The world’s most expensive cocktail containing three 1-1 ½ carat diamonds has been sold for a staggering €50,000 knocking Aussie Joel Hefferman’s ‘Winston’ off the top spot at a trifling £8583 a glass.

Andrey Melnikov, a Russian entrepreneur, bought the cocktail at the grand opening of Reka restaurants ‘coolest of the cool’ (no pun intended) ice terrace, a first for Moscow and situated in the heart of the city.  Just in time for the run-up to the Winter Olympics, the event was sponsored by Italian Jewellers Crivelli and Richard Hennessy Cognac, whose Hennessy VSOP Cognac is Reka’s house spirit.

The exclusive ‘diamond’ cocktail Andrey, a regular at Reka, enjoyed contained: –

  • 60ml of Cognac Croizet 1858 Cuvee Leonie – this cognac is the Guinness World Records titleholder of the most expensive Cognac sold at auction (AUS $151,000)
  • Grand Marnier Quintessence
  • Chartreuse Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolonge
  • Dash of Angostura Bitters
  • and 3 stunning diamonds of course!!

reka in moscowThe 120 square metre bar can seat around 80 and was crafted from 20 tonnes of Siberian ice, not too difficult for a country that has short summers and long harsh winters.  But don’t worry the fashionable Muscovites society folk, who have a plethora of luxury cocktails and 300 wines and spirits to choose from, won’t be getting too cold, whilst eating and drinking outside, as the terrace has an infrared heating system.

Michel Lombardi, an award winning chef who has worked in London, Milan and Toronto, is Reka Moscow’s Head Chef and commented: –

I like adventures. My whole career has been an adventure – not least of which was my move to Russia. The harsh winters, adjusting to a new culture and especially to life in the kitchen here – it all was a challenge. But now, just two years later, I feel completely at home. My feeling is that an ice terrace suits the country of Russia, a land of snow and ice. And we have gone out of our way to create something really special, something which will make Muscovites who are used to the best stop and say: Wow, this is amazing!”

Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Moscow!

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