Our NEW Wine Games Launch at London Wine Fair

imageYesterday we officially launched the first of a series of new wine games at the London Wine Fair. We’ve been working on these games for a while now and absolutely delighted with how they look and feel. These luxury and quality games are geared for the hospitality industry as well as wine enthusiasts.

world of wine game is a fun way to develop your wine knowledge!

The World of Wine Game is a board game which novice or pros can play together.  Ideally playing with 3 or more people, individually or in teams, roll the dice and wherever you land you get asked a question from 1 of 8 topics.  There are 3 options, so no matter what the question is you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting it right! Additionally there is lots of ‘Nice to know’ info on the question cards. With a nice blend of wine knowledge and wine trivia, you can play for as long, or short, as you wish, and the person or team with the highest score wins!

wine charades is a great energy raising game!
wine charades is a great energy raising game!

Wine Charades is a great fun card game.  There are 3 levels of cards so you just need to load the bag with whichever level or levels you want to play with. In the time allotted, 3 minutes using the smiley face sand timer, give your team mates as many clues to the content of as many cards as you can.  Without saying the actual word(s) on the cards, all you do is give clues to your team mates so they can guess what is on them..This can be done by speaking, demonstrating or acting out or whatever, and that can be non-wine related if you want too, just as long as you don’t say the actual words on the cards.  Again the team with the highest score wins this energising game.

The infamous London Wine Fair is being held at the London Olympia from 3rd to 5th May 2016. Come and see us on stand J40.

Want to know more?  Click here.




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