40% ESF Funding Available on WSET Courses*

Fantastic news alert!!!!

Click here to learn more about the ESF funding available on WSET courses

We’ve got some fantastic news for Yorkshire based SMEs operating in the hospitality, tourism and retail sectors!

We’ve won a massive 40% European Social Fund (ESF) funding (see Funding Background) for eligible businesses within Yorkshire re our WSET wine (and spirit) classroom courses delivered before 31st March 2020. If you’re interested in getting a 40% grant toward WSET training for your team you can quickly and easily find out if your business is entitled to this funding by clicking here for our Funding Eligibility Checker.

Wine School of Excellence is the ONLY company to have won this European Social Fund (ESF) funding opportunity for WSET courses in the Yorkshire region!!

Wine School of Excellence is delighted to be the ONLY company in the Yorkshire region to have won this European Social Fund (ESF) funding opportunity for WSET courses (see WSET Courses Where ESF Funding is Available below) from the Grant Recipient West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges (WYCC). It’s a brilliant opportunity for SMEs (see definition below) to upskill your team’s wines (and spirits) knowledge, increase profitability and improve customer service.  Having happier and more confident employees also leads to greater staff retention, increased productivity and raised self-esteem! It’s a win win!

WSET courses where ESF funding is available

The ESF funding only applies to classroom (e.g. not online) courses delivered before the ESF Funding end date of 31st March 2020

How to apply

Click here for the Funding Eligibility Checker

First check out whether your business is entitled to the 40% European Social Fund funding towards training your staff using our Funding Eligibility Checker. It’s really easy and if you are able to answer YES to each of the questions great, just contact us to get the ball rolling. See How it Works below.

Self Employed?  If you’re self employed, you’ll need to provide evidence that your business activities are registered with HM Revenue and Customs.

How it works

CLICK HERE for the ESF funding background

Once you’ve used our Funding Eligibility Checker and know that you can answer YES to each of the questions, just choose the course or courses you’re interested in (see WSET Courses Where ESF Funding is Available above) and select your team members that you’d like to participate in the training. Now contact us either by telephone (01904 778830) or email (hello@wineschoolofexcellence.co.uk) or by completing the contact form below.  We’ll run through your eligibility with you.

Next we’ll supply you with the necessary WYCC funding claim documentation. There are 2 forms: 1 more about your company and the other is more focused about the your students (training participants) that you are proposing.  We can help you if necessary and we’ll double check them for you. If everything’s all in order, a Director or Senior Manager of your company needs to sign a Funding Agreement with ourselves that details all the terms and conditions surrounding the ESF Funding.  You only need to arrange the transfer of the 60% Match Funding Contribution Rate (i.e. Employer Contribution) to ourselves either by bank transfer or cheque.  Course dependant we’ll get the study packs off to you.

We will take care of the funding claim and the necessary progress reporting with WYCC. The course and examination takes place and the students have a document to complete (the tutor can help if necessary).  On receipt of the results, we receive the ESF Contribution Rate of 40% from WYCC.

SME definition

CLICK HERE for the EU’s SME Definition

SME stands for Small to Medium Enterprise. Which classification a business falls into is based around 2 factors i.e. headcount and either turnover or balance sheet total.  This can change country to country.

The EU’s SME definition applies to the European Social Fund (ESF) funding. When assessing your business it’s important to remember that if your company is part of a larger group, we may need to include the staff headcount/turnover/balance sheet data from that group too.

Click here to learn more about the EU’s SME Definition.

Interested in getting a 40% grant towards WSET training for your team?

If you do wish to apply for ESF funded places for your team, just complete the form below.

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