Gifts for Wine Lovers

Get ahead with your Christmas shopping as Father Christmas doesn’t visit very often.

Find the perfect gift for any wine lover!

Picking out presents is all part of the excitement before Christmas. If you need some ideas where to start, we’ve got plenty to give you inspiration and for every budget! Classroom wine or spirit courses, online wine or spirit courses, luxury wine games (we even offer a Gift Wrapping Service), Gift Vouchers and private wine tastings and events.

Christmas Treat and Save 20%

As an extra special treat, we’ve even got 20% off all our wine games that have been created and designed by our very own wine pro who is an accredited Wine Educator. The world of wine game is a luxury wine board game, a bit like Monopoly meets Trivia Pursuit but it’s all about wine. It’s got a nice blend of wine knowledge and wine trivia to keep everyone entertained over the festive period and beyond. Perfect for novice and pros to play together, there’s no time limit, anyone can win, and everyone will learn lots in an easy, comfortable and fun way!

It’s time to get inspired and get cracking as the count down is now on!

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