Why are there different shaped wine glasses?

wine-glassesThere is a purpose behind the different types of wine glasses and the high majority are purely aimed to enhance the overall experience!

  • Red wine should ideally be served in larger rounder and wider goblet style glasses as the opening at the top is larger and allows more oxygen in helping the wine aerate to and release the aromas.
  • White wine is served in similar shaped but smaller glasses therefore allowing less oxygen with the aim to retain the freshness of the wine.
  • Long tapered flutes are best for Champagne and sparkling wines to help retain the bubbles as long as possible making them have to travel further and have less surface area to burst.
  • Fortified wines generally have much higher abv (alcohol by volume) than still wines, therefore, the size of the glass is smaller as the quantity poured is less.  Also the top of the glass is narrower too to contain the higher alcohol vapours.
  • Dessert wines are obviously sweet and often lusciously so.  We detect sugar at 4 g/l and as the tip of our tongue is our ‘sugar sensor’, dessert wine glasses are smaller to help direct the sweet wine to the back of the mouth.

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