10 facts about cork!

Corks10 facts about cork!

  1. Cork comes from the bark of Cork Oak Trees, an evergreen that grows to around 20m high.
  2. Cork oak trees are not cut down, they are hand harvested annually for 10-12 years.
  3. A cork tree harvested of its bark will absorb 10 tons more CO2 during its ‘life cycle’ than one not harvested!
  4. Cork forests contribute and support forestry biodiversity by protecting 6.6ML acres of Mediterranean basin from becoming a desert!
  5. Portugal produces around 50% of the cork production with Corticeira Amorium dominating the market.
  6. In the 18th Century, Englishman Robert Hooke invented the ‘cork’ wine bottle stopper.
  7. Cork is flexible, elastic, light, compressible and has the ability to thermally insulate as well as allowing microscopic amounts of O2 into the wine – vital for long term wine maturation.
  8. Only around 1% of wines are affected by cork taint!
  9. Champagne/Sparkling wine corks are wider in diameter to help them cope with the higher internal pressures and are also straight when inserted before ‘mushrooming’.
  10. Cork lengths vary from 25-60mm (the longer the cork the longer it’s capability to remain intact and viable.

One thought

  1. I really had no idea where cork came from until I saw Cork Oak trees in the garden at Ferrari-Carano a few weeks ago. So cool to touch them! Thanks for the additional facts.

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