Here at WSE HQ, we want to make learning about wine easy for you. What better way to learn than via games and quizzes. Well, we’ve already created our luxury and prestige wine games: world of wine game (a luxury wine board game) and wine charades (luxury wine card game). Now we’ve considered quizzes too!

wse | wine made easy

Quizzes are an easy way to learn, identify gaps in knowledge and improve the recall and retention of information. If they include an assessment and feedback, they also allow you to understand where you excel or perhaps need more focus.

Develop & test your knowledge with our wine and spirits quizzes!

Why not try out our wine and spirit quizzes!

To help you develop and test your wines and spirits knowledge, we’ve created some fun and interactive online quizzes that are FREE!!  Taking just a few minutes of your time, there are a series of multiple choice questions on specific topics (plus we’ve included some wine and spirits trivia too).  Based on your answers, we’ll let you know how you did.  To help enhance your learning you can retake any quiz again….and again!

Remember to keep checking in as we will be regularly updating them!

Enjoyed our Online Wine Quizzes?

CLICK HERE to find out more about our wine games

If you enjoyed our online wine quizzes, have a look at our fun and entertaining wine games: world of wine game (a luxury wine board game) and wine charades (luxury wine card game).

Created in Yorkshire for wine lovers anywhere, these luxury and prestige products have a contemporary look, style and feel without compromise. Develop your knowledge about wine in an easy, comfortable and fun format. Importantly novice and pros can play together and it’s perfect entertainment for dinner parties, holidays, Christmas, New Year and much much more.

Jamie BroadbentAssistant General Manager

Devonshire Arms Hotel  |  Bolton Abbey

“The experience (World of Wine Game training session) was enjoyed by all, many staff have said they particularly enjoyed being able to learn within an informal level with a multitude of differing staff levels that could then bounce off each other and develop their knowledge. The staff felt it was extremely engaged and an interactive way to learn…”

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